Press Quotes

"... half-sultry, half-playful and absolutely dynamic." le coup de coeur (featured favorite)
24hr-Journal Montreal/Anne-Lovely Étienne.

"... Her voice dances lightly across the lyrics’ surface one moment, only to plunge into the deeper recesses of an emotional chorus the next. Composed, assured, and never less than captivating, she’s the focal point through which the band’s chemistry as a whole finds its most succinct, fluent expression. It’s that word–chemistry–that gets closest to encapsulating the work of Summersett. Every facet of the band’s make-up expresses some version of it...” /Rory Mccluckie

" I suspect that you haven’t heard of them, which is too bad, because they are writing about you and they are doing it exceptionally well."
Patriarch Magazine/Glenn Herbert

"...Pop Music for the thinking man......beautiful cabaret orchestral contemporary pop music... I doubt you will be disappointed if you allow this band to envelope you gently for an evening." Montreal Indie/ Radio Cannon Podcast, June (2015)  @ 17min50

"Their music, varying in style and skillfully executed, allows the singer to wrap us in her stories.  Summersett reconnects us to music’s simplicity and importance. We have no choice but to feel their love of music and their need to share it... an unforgettable evening doesn’t need anything more and we’d gladly do it all over again." Art Montreal/Mégane Valérie Delorme

"...You are in love, out of love, elated, aching ... For a couple of sets, Summersett creates a world that both artist and audience inhabit and navigate together"  "... This band evokes a sense of contemporary pop and folk as much as that of cabaret, magic and music halls typical of Paris of the roaring twenties.” Charpo Press/Barbara Ford

“... Patricia is the band’s lead singer, and the intensity of her performance reflects a talent that has been cultivated through her work not only as a musician, but also in theatre, film, television and voice.” Bandmark/Kei Hendrix

"...Their dark and eerie brand of baroque pop is an interesting twist on the tone set by the two opening acts. Incorporating a strong jazz influence, their technical abilities, both vocal and instrumental are impressive. There is a slight swing influence as well and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got the crowd moving..." Cult Montreal/Fringe Tune Series/Brian

“...As their story unfolds as a duality so do their songs. Some are lyrical ballads (Grand Superior, Amsterdam), others are playfully whimsical (I’m Comin’ Over, Bed Bug). Indie-folk tinged with elements of theatre, jazz and classical – mainly provided by Nick and the band. Patricia’s voice is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell in both style and phrasing...”  Culture Plus/Sylvain Richard

"...a sextet that is truly innovative as well as crown pleasing...their original pieces of fusion genre were musically captivating... This is one ensemble I would love to hear again." Rover Arts/ Byron Toben